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The best time to do laser hair removal is in the fall, winter or spring seasons if you are an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys sun exposure during the summer.

3-5 treatments.

Beautiful, hair-free face and body. 😀

We have both an Alpha (IPL and Laser) and a Magma (Laser) device for safe hair removal on all skin types and colors.

Electrolysis is completed by removing one hair at a time with a probe. Electrolysis is certified by the FDA as Permanent Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal quickly treats an entire area in one session using a Laser or IPL device. It is certified by the FDA as Permanent Hair Reduction.

Absolutely! We provide multiple options for successful weight loss

Hair growth is seen within the first 30 days of the start of treatments. Ongoing sessions are required for successful and long lasting hair restoration and scalp improvements.

Botox sessions take about 45 minutes for which includes the consultation and office visit. Last 8-12 weeks.

Filler last 8-12 months.

Both are safe if evaluation and treatments are conducted in a safe environment.

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