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Pre-Service Instructions

Health Concerns
If you are diabetic or under the ongoing care of a physician, you must obtain and provide written permission from your physician in order to have your cosmetic or paramedical tattoo performed. This can be sent via email or a copy can be given before your appointment. No person pregnant or nursing should undergo tattooing.

Please Note
Failing to follow pre-service instructions jeopardizes your results. Because we want the best outcome for you, you’ll need to reschedule your appointment.

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Before Any Tattooing Service

  • Abstain from alcohol 24 hours before your service.
  • Abstain from coffee 24 hours before your service.
  • 3 Days Prior
    • Discontinue fish oil, vitamin E, coumadin, ibuprofen, aspirin, niacin, or other blood thinners with the doctor’s permission.
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Before Eyeliner or Lash Line Enchancement

Absolutely no lash growth serum within the 30 days prior to your cosmetic tattooing procedure. The use of lash growth serum within the 30 days before your treatment can cause pigment to migrate outside of the desired area.

*No eyeliner tattoo can be performed if a client has lash extensions. Please remove the lash extensions before your appointment and wait 3 weeks after your appointment to have them reapplied.

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Before Any Botox/Fillers

Wait 30 days after your Botox or fillers to get your cosmetic tattooing performed. This gives time for you to heal and settle. Additionally, wait 30 days after your tattooing to get fillers and botox in order to let the tattoo heal.

After-Care Instructions

Failure to follow post-treatment instructions may cause loss of pigment, discoloration, or infection. Remember, colors appear warmer, brighter, and more sharply defined immediately following a procedure. As the healing progresses, the color will soften. A touchup procedure may or may not be necessary. Final results cannot be determined until healing is complete. If a 3rd visit is needed, it must be done within 2 months of the follow-up appointment and will have a $75 charge. Please call or text if you have any questions or concerns.

Eyebrow After-Care

For days 2-7, gently wash your eyebrows each morning and night with water and an antibacterial soap like Dial or Neutrogena. Do not use any cleansing products containing acids or exfoliants. Using only fingertips, lightly rub the cleanser on top of your brows for 10 seconds to clear away dead skin and bacteria. Make sure to rinse off all soap. Gently pat dry with a clean tissue. Allow skin to dry before applying ointment (coconut oil or After Inked). Once dry, use a Q-tip to spread a rice grain amount of aftercare ointment across the brows. Be sure to not overapply the ointment as this will suffocate the skin and delay healing. Avoid direct water pressure from the shower for 7 days. Please do not pick, tan, swim, wax, laser, exfoliate, spray tan, apply cosmetics (to brows), or get facials for 4 weeks. Please remember that there will be changes in the color and shape and you may lose color in some of the strokes. A touch-up appointment can be planned for 6 weeks post-procedure.

Eyeliner/Eyelash Enhancement After-Care

Cleanse your eyeliner gently morning and evening with a gentle face soap or baby wash and pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. With a fresh Q-tip, apply a light coat of Vaseline or coconut oil to the tattooed area 1X a day in the evening after cleaning. Do not touch the tattooed area with uncleaned fingers as it will increase your risk of infection. Do not apply makeup or mascara on or near the tattooed area for 4 days. You can use a new tube of mascara after day 4. It is normal for the pigment to fade 30-50% within the first two weeks. Please contact me immediately should you experience any of the following symptoms: redness in or around the eye, matting or drainage, pain that becomes increasingly worse, and/or sensitivity to light. A touch-up appointment can be planned for 6 weeks post-procedure to boost the color.

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Lip After-Care

Please use ice on and off for 2 hours after your appointment. This is extremely important to help calm the skin. Cleanse your lips with antibacterial soap like Dial or Neutrogena morning and night for the first 3 days. Use new Vaseline or Glossed on lips 24/7 for 10 days straight. It is normal for your lips to be chapped, dry, and tight. Do not pick. Please make sure you take your prescribed antiviral if you get fever blisters.


Sleep with a clean pillowcase the night of your procedure. Do not rub or pick at the epithelial crust but allow it to flake off on its own. No chemicals or scrubbing while healing. GENTLY cleanse the cosmetic area with a mild antibacterial soap. You may rinse with water and lightly pat the area dry with a clean cloth. DO NOT use glycolic cleansers or Retin-A. Do not soak the treated area in the bath, pool, or hot tub. Do not swim in fresh, salt, or chlorinated pool water until 4 weeks after the procedure.


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